Your code must be submitted through git, following the indications given on the assistants’ intranet. Beware of the required tags for your submissions to be acknowledged by the moulinette.

Moreover, you must verify that all the files needed for your TC to compile are pushed to the repository. Test that your repository is in a working state by cloning it in a new place, executing the build system and running your test suite.

$ cd $(mktemp -d)
$ git clone <your_repo> tc
$ cd tc
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure
$ make check -j4

You should maintain a clean state for your repository and avoid pushing trash files such as automatically generated files or binaries. Make good use of a .gitignore file.

We advise you to commit the initial state from the LRE’s tc-base repository as soon as you merge it for each stage of TC (see Given Code) and, after each compilation step (./bootstrap, ./configure, make and make check), to add any generated files to your .gitignore.