We use two kinds of project submissions in the project.

  • For PTHL (PTHL (TC-0), Naive Scanner and Parser), your sources must be pushed through the master branch to the central Git repository at submission time. Follow the instructions given by the teaching assistants.

  • From TC-1 on, your code must still be submitted through git, following indications given on the assistants’s intranet. However, the assistants “moulinette” will use the tarball built by the command make distcheck. Be sure that the created tarball has a correct name. If bardec_f is the head of your group, the tarball must be bardec_f-tc-n.tar.bz2 where n is the number of the “release” (Package Name and Version). The following commands must work properly:

    $ bunzip2 -cd bardec_f-tc-n.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
    $ cd bardec_f-tc-n
    $ export CC=gcc+-|gccversion| CXX=g++-|gccversion|
    $ mkdir _build
    $ cd _build
    $ ../configure
    $ make
    $ src/tc /tmp/test.tig
    $ make distcheck

    For more information on the tools, see The GNU Build System, GCC, The GNU Compiler Collection.