Flex & Bison

We use Bison, that is able to produce a C++ parser combined with modern features such as GLR, variants and complete symbols. If you don’t use this Bison, you will be in trouble.

The original papers on Lex and Yacc are:

Johnson, Stephen C. [1975].

Yacc: Yet Another Compiler Compiler. Computing Science Technical Report No. 32, Bell Laboratories, Murray hill, New Jersey.

Lesk, M. E. and E. Schmidt [1975].

Lex: A Lexical Analyzer Generator. Computing Science Technical Report No. 39, Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey.

These introductory guides can help beginners:

Thomas Niemann.

A Compact Guide to Lex & Yacc. An introduction to Lex and Yacc.

Collective Work

Programming with GNU Software. Contains information about Autoconf, Automake, Gperf, Flex, Bison, and GCC.

The Bison documentation, and the Flex documentation are available for browsing.