TC-4 Improvements

Possible improvements include:

A Singleton template
Implementations of the Singleton design pattern are frequently needed; the type module alone requires three instances! Therefore a template to generate such singletons is desirable. There are two ways to address this issue: tailored to type (directly in src/type/builtin-types.*), or in a completely generic way (in lib/misc/singleton.*). See Modern C++ Design, for a topnotch implementation.
A more verbose type display
When reporting a type, one must be careful with recursive definitions that could produce never ending outputs. The suggested simple implementation ensure this by limiting the Named-depth (i.e., the number of Named objects traversed) to one. Another, nicer possibility, would be to limit the expansion to once per Named.
A Graphical User Interface
tcsh is up and running. You might want to use it to implement a GUI using Python’s Tkinter.