The src/translate Directory

Namespace translate. Translation to intermediate code representation. It includes:

File: libtranslate.* (src/translate/)

The interface.

File: access.* (src/translate/)

Static link aware versions of level::Access.

File: level.* (src/translate/)

translate::Level are wrappers on frame::Frame that support the static links, so that we can find an access to the variables of the parent function.

File: exp.hh (src/translate/)

Implementation of translate::Ex (expressions), Nx (instructions), Cx (conditions), and Ix (if) shells. They wrap tree::Tree to delay their translation until the actual use is known.

File: translation.hh (src/translate/)

Functions used by the translate::Translator to translate the AST into HIR. For instance, it contains Exp* simpleVar(const Access& access, const Level& level), Exp* callExp(const temp::Label& label, std::list<Exp*> args) etc… which are routines that produce some Tree::Exp. They handle all the unCx etc. magic.

File: translator.hh (src/translate/)

Implements the class Translator which performs the IR generation thanks to translation.hh. It must not be polluted with translation details: it is only coordinating the AST traversal with the invocation of translation routines. For instance, here is the translation of an ast::SimpleVar:

virtual void operator()(const SimpleVar& e)
  exp_ = simpleVar(*var_access_[e.def_get()], *level_);