The Top Level


In the top level of the distribution, there must be a file AUTHORS.txt which contents is as follows:

Fabrice Bardèche  <>
Jean Dujardin     <>
Noël Flantier     <>

Do not include emails other than those of EPITA. We repeat: give the address. Starting from TC-1, the file AUTHORS.txt is distributed thanks to the EXTRA_DIST variable in the top-level, but pay attention to the spelling.


Optional. The list of the changes made in the compiler, with the dates and names of the people who worked on it.


Various free information.


Optional. Summary of changes introduced by each release.


This directory contains helping tools, that are not specific to the project.


All the sources are in this directory.


Your own test suite. You should make it part of the project, and ship it like the rest of the package. Actually, it is abnormal not to have a test suite here.